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Understanding Canis lupus familiaris

About Me

I’ve worked with animals my whole life, started training dogs at the age of nine and have studied wild canids, genetics, and a dog breeder for over 30 years. Veterinarian medicine for 22 years, aggression is my favorite to work with in dogs, I’ve handled dog’s so aggressive to the point that u can’t  even enter the area where the dog is kept without first earning the trust and respect. I’m also on a website Steller which I’ve been working on story’s on all the Canids with information and lots of photos of each species which is a project that I started to fight for the wildlife and the environment for which these animals are fighting from the face of extinction.

Why You Should Join Me

I tried hard to educate people about dog’s and how to understand how they see things through their eyes because they don’t understand humans at all and the way people can interpret them are wrong. On my site here I’m going into detail starting from the beginning and I’m planning on having a site that offers the most information you will be able to find anywhere, so I hope to see you here and hope you will enjoy my site.

A Big Thanks

Thank you all for supporting this site, I offer the information free in hopes that if I can help keep a animal in a forever home or help people understand wildlife and fight and prevent animals from facing extinction and losing their habitat that’s more important to me than money, I have so much to share and hope that this is as interesting  to everyone as it is for me, thanks for being interested.

Coastal wolves of the Rainforest British Columbia

Coastal wolves at play

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